Plaza HD-T2 software v1.33 released

Posted on Thursday October 22, 2015

This release fixes a bug affecting the display of iPlayer's controls via SCART and removes VuTV from the Guide as the service has been discontinued.

Please note that due to the changes in this release, the receiver will automatically reset to factory default and all user settings such as below will be lost:

  • Favourites
  • Reminders
  • Deleted channels
  • Settings

After reset, the installation process will start. Please follow the on-screen prompts and if you need assistance refer to the “Tuning In” section on page 12 of the User Guide.

Change Log

v1.33 (from v1.31)

  • VuTV has been discontinued so the the VuTV APP icon in the Guide has been
    permanently removed.
  • BBC iPlayer via the TV SCART output was not displaying the control functions. This
    has been fixed.

Download the Plaza HD-T2 v1.33 software