Plaza HD-S2 software v1.23 released

Posted on Saturday March 26, 2016

This release fixes issues a bug that could cause some Octet D values to not be saved when using the Static Network Configuration mode. It's recommended for users experiencing this issue, and considered a non-critical update as the normal network mode is automatic using DHCP.

IMPORTANT - Please note that this software is not for the Plaza HD-S. Also, please note that due to the changes in this release, the receiver will automatically reset to factory default and all user settings such as below will be lost:

  • Favourites
  • Reminders
  • Deleted channels
  • Settings

After reset, the installation process will start. Please follow the on-screen prompts and if you need assistance refer to the “Tuning In” section on page 12 of the User Guide.

Change Log

v1.23 (from v1.19)

  • In Network Configuration, fixed a bug on storing the Octet D values when using the Static mode.

Download the Plaza HD-S2 v1.23 software